About Us

The DCP Story

We met while working for one of the world’s biggest retailers and we connected because of our passion to take companies to their highest potential.

While learning how to drive a profitable business through digital best practices at Walmart.com, we realized there was opportunity to bring this knowledge & holistic approach to businesses of all shapes & sizes.
So we created Dotcom Partners.

Our mission is to be your partner in helping you drive profitable, sustainable growth across all your digital channels through cutting edge strategy & implementation.

We’re applying our expertise to businesses with goals of all shapes and sizes. By forming DotCom Partners, we’re working to spread our eCommerce knowledge and holistic approach so that every client has a fair shot at achieving sustainable, profitable growth.

We gained experience in the digital space - working on everything from brands on large online retailers, to getting small DTC startups up-and-running. Long story short, we each learned how to drive profitable businesses while honing digital best practices.

Our Mission

Is to be your partner in succeeding in the ever-competitive eCommerce landscape with cutting-edge strategy and implementation. Your car, our special route. Let’s get going on this journey together.

How We Do It

Our process starts by becoming category experts in your product. Then we use our experience servicing the full spectrum of clientele to syphon the process of selling online. This allows you to get to market faster, which means tangible results quicker.

Meet the Team

From musicians, to athletes, to comedians, and entrepreneurs, our team is as diverse as we are curious as we are dedicated.

Corey hammond

Co-Founder, CEO

zach toste

Co-Founder, CMO

sergio cruz

Art Director

paul clauss

Head of Accounts

Lily Grant

Account Director

Holly Wampler

Creative Director

harry wolansky

Head of Growth & Partnerships

Ali rose hotz

Digital Marketing Specialist

andrew hammond

Account Associate

Jasmine Arant

Head of Communications